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About us
SANSYU Group Presentation
Company Outline
Company name
September 4th, 1963
4-1-55 Hieda-cho, Takahama-city, Aichi, 444-1321 JAPAN
President : Iwao Okamoto
Business area
Production of precise injection molded plastic parts
TEL : +81-566-52-3421 (central)
TEL : +81-569-53-1140 (General Affairs Department)
FAX : +81-566-52-3311 (central)
ISO Certifications
ISO standards
Originally Certified in
ISO 9001
Takahama Factory
Nov. 1996
Handa Factory
Takahama South Factory
Mar. 2019
ISO 14001
Takahama Factory
Apr. 1999
Handa Factory
Takahama South Factory
Mar. 2019
ISO 13485
Takahama Factory
Mar. 2011
Takahama South Factory
Apr. 2019
IAFT 16949
Takahama Factory
Mar. 2014
Injection molding machine quantities
Mold clamping method Injection unit Clamping Force quantity
Horizontal type single shot 15ton 1
18ton 55
30ton 80
40ton 3
50ton 11
75ton 10
80ton 4
100ton 7
180ton 1
double shot 30ton 32
60ton 1
75ton 5
130ton 7
Vertical type single shot 18ton 1
30ton 1
40ton 3
50ton 4
75ton 1
double shot 30ton 8
total 235
Headquarters・Takahama Factory
This factory is the center for our production of precise plastic & metallic parts.
Among those precise parts produced at this facility, we have pionereed the fields of thin-wall molding and ultra-small injection molding by developing and establishing many new technologies that we are proud of.
Clean room production line Clean room production line
Injection facility for precision parts Clean room production line
Overmolding production line Super engineering plastic resin PEEK molded product
Automated assembly machines Laser marking
Mold Cleaning Precision inspection room
Takahama South Factory
New production facility established in 2018.
Not only precision molding but also insert molding, ultrasonic welding, automatic assembly, etc.
are performed at this facility.
Among our domestic plants, it is the one with most Labor-saving and automation devices installed.
4-5-3 Hieda-cho, Takahama-city, Aichi, 444-1321 JAPAN
TEL : +81-566-52-3421 (central)
FAX : +81-566-52-3311 (central)
Overmolding product line Precision injection molding line
Automated insertion molding line Sansyu-made automated insertion molding device
Automated assembly machines Automated assembly machines
Automated ultrasonic welding device automated threading device
Inspection area Material Recycling
Handa Factory
Dissimile material overmolded components are produced at this facility.
Adopting low-energy consumption policies and strict quality control standards, we have been able to establish an efficient production system of our own.
2-169 Sunosaki-cho, Handa-city, Aichi, 475-0021 JAPAN
TEL : +81-569-29-1141 (central)
FAX : +81-569-29-1000 (central)
Clean room product line Image inspection equipment
Clean room product line Vertical overmolding machine
(with image processing equipment)
Overmolding product line Automated Pad printing line
Painting room Automated Laser-marking machines