Takahama Factory
TEL:0566-52-3421  FAX:0566-52-3311  
  • This factory is the center for our production of precise plastic & metallic parts.
    Among those precise parts produced at this facility, we have pionereed the fields of thin-wall molding and ultra-small injection molding by developing and establishing many new technologies that we are proud of.

  • Clean room (10,000 class)
  • Facility for Automated insertion molding
  • Injection facility for precision parts
  • Sansyu-made production cell for automated insertion molding
  • Assembly cells & secondary processes
  • Automated Pad printing line
  • Splay painting room
  • Laser-marking
  • Precision Inspection room
  • Mold Cleaning
Handa Factory
TEL:0569-29-1141  FAX:0569-29-1000  
  • Complex overmolded components (2-color type or dissimile material) are produced at this facility.
    Adopting low-energy consumption policies and strict quality control standards, we have been able to establish an efficient production system of our own.
    Thus we can comply both "Quality and Quantity" upon customer requirements.

  • Overmolding section
  • Vertical injection machine with automated inspection system
    (100% parts inspected)
  • Overmolding of dissimilar materials

  • Clean room
  • Automated Imaging inspection device