Recruitment Information
Sansyu is always looking for people that like new challenges & open to learn our production philosophy.
Sansyu's human resources are trained to become the top of the class in this industry field in a friendly working atmosphere.
Typical employment conditions for newly graduates
Positions offered every year Please contact Personnel staff for more information.
Positions offered
  • Mold design
  • automation design
  • systems engineering
  • injection molding
  • logistics
  • accounting
  • sales
  • quality control
  • production control
  • etc.
Required documents
  • Curriculum vitae (handwritten, recent picture of the applicant on it)
  • academic records
  • graduation certificate or equivalent
  • Medical check certificate
Application Takahama Headquarters
(Aichi Pref., Takahama city, Hieda 4-1-55, JAPAN)
Please address to Personnel Recruiting Officer
All documents written in japanese or in english
Selection process Those applicants that successfully pass the screening of application documents, will proceed to the following selection process.
1st step: writing test (general knowledge, aptittude test, essay)
2nd step: personal interview (only for those passing the 1st step)
3rd step: personal interview (only for those passing the 2nd step)
Selection dates variable (applicants please contact first Personnel staff at the mail address or Phone number below)
Selection process location Sansyu Takahama Headquarters
Company presentation sessions Please contact Personnel staff.
Bonus Twice a year
Promotions Continuous performance-oriented evaluation.
Promotions evaluated 4 times/year.
Job locations Takahama & Handa factories. Overseas locations,
please call the local sansyu office for information.
Working hours 8:10 to 17:10 (8:00 effective hours)
Holidays work days: 5 days/week. Annual holidays: 116 days.
Welfare & insurance National social insurance
labor accident insurance
Other facilities Cottage - recreation facility (Nagano Pref., Hakuba city)
Employees residence
  • Cottage at Hakuba, Nagano
  • Residence