Company Philosophy
  • We always strive to supply "Small and precise" parts regardless of their application field, with new and innovative approaches.
  • This is how we define our work here at Sansyu Group.
  • We are proud of providing high-tech solutions to our customer's needs;
  • helping our customers attain their goals succesfully is Sansyu's continuous challenge in the world of precision.
Our three keys
  • High quality is the indispensable requirement to earn customer's confidence
  • "Zero rejects" is the first step to strictly keep delivery dates
  • Zero rejection also implies that materials, time, staff work, and other resources are been used rationally
Our three characteristics be active & flexible
  • Always take a look to new things... Curiosity
  • Do not puzzle ourselves endlessly with those new things... Judgement
  • Have courage to challenge those new things... Executive ability
  • Interesting & challenging work is usually done with estable and continuous effort
  • Working with effort continuously surely produces successful results
  • Succesful results make our work more interesting