Latest news
SANSYU will be participating in several shows during this year.
Please come to visit our booth in any of the shows and you will have a taste of the Sansyu world.
  • 9th TOYOTA Business Fair (Sansyu Precision)
    Toyota City (Aichi)
    March 15th-16th

  • INTERMOLD 2018 (Japan Die&Mold Industry Association booth)
    Intex Osaka, (Osaka)
    April 18th-21th

  • Monodukuri Design Fair 2018 (Sansyu Precision)
    Belle Salle Shiodome, (Tokyo)
    May 18th

  • INTERMOLD 2018 NAGOYA (Japan Die&Mold Industry Association booth)
    Port Messe Nagoya (Aichi)
    June 13th - 16th

  • 6th Monodukuri Okazaki 2018 (Sansyu Precision)
    Okazaki CyuoSogoKoen (Aichi)
    July 11th-12th

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